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    Membership Drive!


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    Membership Drive!

    Post  GoIllini13 on Wed Jan 28, 2009 6:14 pm

    This offer is valid until the board has 200 members. It may be extended if it works well. In order to get many of the programs going that we have in mind we will need your help to get a busy board.

    Starting today, any member that has at least 10 post and refers another person to the site will be able to advertise their own website or clan on their profile for a month. The referred person must have 10 post or more. One referral equals one month of advertising on your profile. Those that pay and become members will be able to advertise on their signature based on how many people they recruit.

    If you meet these requirements please post here. Your referees must also post in the forum titled Those who were referred. The 10 post does not include the post in the referee section.

    Thank you and work hard.

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