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    Welcome to the Tourney Section


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    Welcome to the Tourney Section

    Post  GoIllini13 on Wed Jan 28, 2009 8:53 pm

    Welcome to the Tournaments & Ladders section! Here we will be having many ladders and tournaments for our members and clans can host theirs here too!

    Right now we will be simply using text to show the ladders. Results will be send from the participants or clan leaders to me via PM and I will post in the particular forum the results to make it fair.

    In the future we clan to sponsor some of the contest ourselves and have others sponsor them too. We will be having tournaments in the near future in which you pay a small fee to enter and then can win a nice pot!

    So post here ideas that you have for tournaments and ladders and get your clans and friends on this forum so we can make them happen!

    Thank you!

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